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Geolocate your bank strains Calculate strain distances given an input pattern Build and manipulate your dendrograms online Build and manipulate your minimum spanning tree

This slideshow gives you an overview of MicroGeno main features. The best way to evaluate our service is to test our beta by clicking the button bellow. And please, give us your feedback!


About us

TailorDev is the development pole of the ComSource web agency.

You are based at Toulouse and Clermont-Ferrand.

Yes, we are french. And yes, we are human beings :)


MicroGeno pricing plans

We are still working on it.
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  • 500 queries
  • 1 private database
  • Single user
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  • Silver
  • X €/month *
  • Enjoy collaboration.
  • Unlimited queries
  • 5 private databases
  • 2 users
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  • Gold
  • Y €/month
  • Designed for sparsed teams.
  • Unlimited queries
  • 100 private databases
  • 10 users
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* Silver plan is free for academics.



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MicroGeno Bacteria

MicroGeno is a web application used to facilitate pathogenic bacteria strain genotyping essentially for epidemiological purposes. Typing is based on polymorphic tandem repeat typing (MLVA). Our application takes advantage of MLVA properties to provide a simple service for high resolution isolate identification.


MicroGeno TailorDev

TailorDev is a trending french startup working in the field of dedicated on-demand applications development with a strong background in bio-informatics.

This product results of a strong collaboration between our team and the most talented academic researchers of the field.

Is this free?

MicroGeno SaaS

In a few month, MicroGeno will be available in SaaS mode. If you register, as an early bird, we promise you will benefit of an amazing special offer. And you know what? We have free plans for academics.